Defined at: CFR 484.36 (Federal Regulation) and 410 IAC 17-14-(Rule #14 Section 1(g) through Rule #14 -1(n) (State Rules)


1. With the exception of licensed health professionals and volunteers, home health aide training and competency evaluation or competency evaluation requirements apply to all individuals who are employed by or work under contract with the Agency and who provide "hands-on" patient care services regardless of the title of the individual.
2. It is the "function" of the aide that determines the need for training and competency evaluation or competency evaluation.
3. Home health aides are selected on the basis of such factors as the following:
(Select the 1 correct answer)
a. Sympathetic attitude toward the care of the elderly and sick populationb. Ability to read, write and carry out directionsc. Maturity and ability to deal effectively with the demands of the jobd. All of the above
4. Home health aides function independently and do not have to be closely supervised.
5. Home health aides may be certified if the following requirements are met. Select the one correct answer.
a. The aide has completed the required 75 hour training course and successfully completed the competency evaluation program that meets the requirements of CFR 484.36.b. The aide has successfully completed the competency evaluation program that meets the requirements of CFR 484.36.c. Both a and b are correct answers
6. Once the aide successfully meets the certification requirements the certification is good for life
7. The home health aide must complete training and/or competency training in what areas of personal care.
(Check all that apply)
a. Communication skills
b. Changing a Foley catheter
c. Performing BP checks
d. Reading and recording temperature, pulse, and respiration
e. Universal Precautions
f. Basic elements of body functioning & changes in function
g. Reporting changes in body functioning to the supervisor
h. Basic infection control measures
i. Determination of the need to implement the Emergency Plan
j. Maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment
k. Recognize emergencies, and have knowledge of emergency procedures
l. Knowledgeable of the physical, emotional, and developmental needs of clients
m. Observation, reporting and documentation of patient status and the care or service furnished
8. The training, testing, and supervision of home health aides is performed by or under the supervision of a RN with 2 years nursing experience, at least 1 year of which must be in the provision of home health.
9. The home health aide only has to demonstrate competency on the elements as listed in CFR 484.36(a)(1)
10. Other individuals may be used to provide instruction under the supervision of a qualified registered nurse.
11. The home health aide applicant must pass a written test as a pari of the home health aide competency evaluation.
12. The home health aide must be able to demonstrate the following skills: (Check all that apply)
a. Bed bath
b. Foley catheter change
c. Administration of medication
d. Sponge, tub, or shower bath
e. Shampoo, sink, tub, or bed
f. Nail, and skin care
g. Blood Glucose checks with a glucometer
h. Oral hygiene
i. Toileting and elimination
j. Dressing changes to wounds
k. Safe transfer techniques and ambulation
1. Normal range of motion
m. Application of prescription cream
n. Adequate nutrition and fluid intake
o. Administration of eye drops
13. The Agency must maintain documentation to demonstrate that the requirements of this standard are met.
14. An individual may furnish home health aide services on behalf of an HHA only after that individual has successfully completed a competency evaluation program as described in CFR 484.36
15. The guidance for home health aide certification, supervision, and training is based on the federal regulation at CFR 484.36
16. An LPN can perform the required home health aide supervisory visits.
17. Home health aides are required to complete 12 hours of in-service training every calendar year based on date of hire.
18. A minimum of 8 hours of the required in-service training must be on the following topics:
19. A home health aide continuing education program may be offered by any organization except a home health agency that has a probationary home health agency license.
20. It is not necessary for the training of home health aides to be performed by or under the general supervision of a registered nurse.
21. The home health agency must maintain sufficient documentation to demonstrate that the continuing education requirements are met.
22. Home health aides must complete their training in the first month of their employment as a home health aide providing care to clients/patients.
23. The home health aide shall be entered in and be in good standing on the state aide registry.
24. Agency management staff has 3 months from date of employment to register the aide on the state registry.
25. If the home health agency issuing the proof of the aide's achievement of successful completion of a competency evaluation program is not the employing agency, it is not necessary for the employing agency to keep a copy of the competency evaluation documentation in the home health aide's employment file. The employing agency just needs to verify the aide's standing on the state aide registry.
26. The home health aide receives his/her client care assignments from the LPN.
27. The home health aide may be assigned to perform tasks not included in the original competency evaluation as these tasks additional tasks will be reviewed on a quarterly basis by the management staff.
28. The home health aide must report any changes observed in the client's/patient's condition and needs to the supervising RN or registered therapist.
29. A registered nurse or therapist in therapy only cases, shall make the initial visit to the client's/patient's residence and make a supervisory visit at least every (30) days, either when the home health aide is present or absent to observe the care, to assess relationships, and to determine whether goals are being met.
30. A home health aide is not considered competent in any task for which he or she is evaluated as "unsatisfactory". The aide must not perform that task without direct supervision by a licensed nurse until after he or she receives training in the task for which he or she was evaluated as "unsatisfactory" and passes a subsequent evaluation with "satisfactory".
31. The competency evaluation must be performed by a registered nurse.
32. It is the responsibility of the HHA to ensure that aides are proficient to carry out the client/patient care they are assigned, in a safe, effective, and efficient manner.
33. As a part of the survey process, a sample of home health aides used by a particular HHA will have their files reviewed for documentation of compliance with the training and competency evaluation or competency evaluation requirements.
34. A mannequin may be substituted for a "live" client/patient for the home health aide competency demonstration process.
35. Define assist with medications that are normally self-administered"