Annual Evaluation

Annual Evaluation

Management Performance Evaluation

A. Instructions: Definitions for performance level degreesM

5. Performance is exceptional. Meets definition as stated in #4 but has also demonstrated outstanding success in meeting a specific mission of the district. (Appraisal Factor #5 requires justification comments- see section C

4. Performance is above average, showing consistent and important contributions which exceed expectations in this position.

3. Performance shows satisfactory attainment of the principle objectives expected in this position.

2. Performance has not reached a satisfactory level and is below average because of a specific deficiency.

1. Performance show more than one deficiency which seriously interferes with the attainment of the expected objectives of the position. (Appraisal Factor #1 requires justification comments-see section C )

B. Performance Criteria

Overall Evaluation (Circle One)

* Exceptional

* Above Average

* Satisfactory

* Less than Satisfactory

* Deficient


D. PLEASE IDENTIFY ANY UNIQUE CONDITIONS that existed which influenced the evaluation of the management employee, such as” being a new employee “or “on an unusual assignment”.

E. PLEASE COMMENT ON THE MANAGER’S COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT relative to district interest, if appropriate.

G. I have discussed this report with my supervisor and have received a copy of it. I understand that my signature does not necessarily indicate that I am in agreement with the rating but is merely acknowledgement that the discussion has taken place.