Creating a Healthy Grocery List

    Creating a Healthy Grocery List

    Navigating grocery store aisles can be daunting when you’re trying to eat healthy!  Everywhere you turn, there are treats and foods that aren’t good for you, and resisting temptation can seem impossible.  However, it’s not impossible to resist temptations when you have a plan and the best way to stick to your plan is to have a list.  This makes shopping quick and simple.

    You may be wondering what should be on your grocery list.  Here’s an example of a grocery list that will help you stay on track with your healthy eating and make shopping easy:

    Lean meats and fish – beef, chicken, lean pork and fish

    Vegetables – Fresh and frozen in wide variety from greens for salads to veggies you can eat raw and cooked

    Fruits – Fresh and frozen in a wide variety

    Nuts and natural nut butters – no sugar added



    Olive or coconut oil


    Milk or Nut Milk such as Almond Milk


    Whole Grain Bread

    100% juice – make sure the only ingredient is the fruit itself

    With the exception of rice, cooking oils and spices, the majority of the foods on your shopping list will be found around the perimeter of the store. This makes shopping quick as you won’t need to walk up and down the aisles.

    If you still find it impossible to resist junk food items, also consider using services where you can order your groceries online and pick up curbside or have them delivered to your home.  This way, you can avoid those temptations completely!

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    Blog contributed by Melanie Redd, Certified Personal Training and Wellness Coach and Wellness Director for Signal Health Group.

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