Drug Screen Consent and Results

Drug Screen Consent and Results

I give my consent to be drug tested for employment at this agency.

Required Agency Actions for a Positive Test Result

Unless the employee has a valid prescription for the controlled substance for which the employee tested positive, the agency must take an action as follows:

a) If the employee’s test result is positive, the agency must have the test verified by a confirmation test. The employee shall pay for the confirmation test.

b) If a confirmation test verifies a positive result, the agency shall:

a. Discharge the employee; or

b. Suspend the employee from direct patient care for at least six months.

[Ind. Code 16-27-2.5-3]


BZO Neg/Pos

COC Neg/Pos

THC Neg/Pos

MET Neg/Pos

OPI Neg/Pos

AMP Neg/Pos