Your employer strives to present a professional and safe health care image to patient’s families, the community, and other Health Care professionals. Your employer's staff members adhere to the following standards in their dress appearance.

1. All staff will wear an approved Uniform and name badge when providing patient care.

2. Clothing shall be clean, neat, and well maintained.

Allowed Clothing: Loose comfortable clothing, scrubs, walking shorts that are at least mid thigh in length, hemmed blue jeans, plain T-shirt, and casual street wear. Appropriate undergarments should be worn.

Not Allowed: mini skirts, short shorts, tank tops, halter-tops, midriffs, cut offs, frayed blue jeans, or T-shirts with any sayings on them.

3. Shoes should be conservative and comfortable. We encourage closed toed shoes for personal safety and infection control while providing patient care. No flip-flops or thong sandals.

4. When attending school with a patient, the employee will be provided with a copy of the schools dress code and must adhere to it.

5. Nurses should keep a clean lab coat available to wear over their clothes when accompanying patients to any medical appointment. (These may be unexpected).

6. Employees will try to meet the requests of parents or primary caregivers within reason

7. Employees are expected to keep their hair dry, neat, and clean. Long hair must be styled so it does not come in contact of the patient. Mustaches and beards must be clean and trimmed.

8. Perfume should be conservative. Strong odors can be offensive to patients.

9. Jewelry represents a safety hazard, so it must be worn with discretion, i.e. wedding rings, rings without large mountings, small earrings or studs. Visible piercing, except for earrings, should be removed when providing patient care. Both professionalism and safety should be considered when wearing jewelry.

10.Fingernails are to be kept clean, trimmed and moderately short for patient safety.

* If an employee is sent home to change clothes due to inappropriate attire, the employee will be sent home on his/her own time and may result in disciplinary action.

* Interpretation of compliance to this dress code policy is subject to the discretion of the Administrator, DON, or acting supervisor.