Your employer wants to improve patient outcomes by identifying and reducing the risk of infection in patients and agencystaff.

The agency will document infections that are acquired while the patient is receiving services from the agency. The documentation will include at a minimum the date that the infection was detected, patient’s name or number, primary diagnosis, signs/symptoms, type of infection, pathogens identified and treatment.

The infection control program will include surveillance, identification, prevention, control, and reporting. Targeted surveillance of infections will focus on specific patient population or procedures.

Infection Control Standards are established in compliance with the recommendations of the National Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. All staff are educated on these standards and they are practiced consistently. Any incidents of infection related to care and service are reported.

I recognize, and am fully aware of the fact that any patient may be contagious at any time and that this may not always be a known fact while care is being provided. I will follow all Infection Control and Universal Precautions Procedures of the agency. I also state that currently I am in excellent health and have no impairments that may alter my job performance.