Infection Control Test questions

Infection Control Test questions

Bacteria grow best with which environment?

a. Cold, moist and light places

b. Warm, dark, and moist places

c. Any area with a food source

d. All of the above

When changing the linens on a soiled bedsheet, what protective equipment must be worn?

a. Gown and mask

b. Gown and gloves

c. Gloves

d. Gown, gloves and mask

You must wear gloves when:

a. Assisting with medication

b. Preparing lunch

c. In contact with blood/body fluid

d. All of the above

To properly remove soiled gloves you should:

a. Pull off from fingertips of gloves

b. Have someone help you

c. Pull the cuff and glove inside out as you remove your hand from the glove

d. Wash gloves first with soap and water

To help prevent the spread of germs between patients, you should always:

a. Make sure you wear gloves at all times

b. Wash hands for a minimum of 90 seconds with hot water

c. Hold supplies and soiled linens away from your clothing

d. Use undiluted bleach to clean all supplies and surfaces.

Which method is best to turn off a faucet when washing hands:

a. Use a paper towel to turn the water on, then wash hands

b. Use a paper towel to turn the water off after washing hands

c. Use the back of your hand to turn water on

d. Use your elbow to turn water off

All of the following tasks can break the chain of infection except

a. Clean, wash, and put away dishes after use

b. Practice good hand washing technique

c. Dispose of contaminated articles properly

d. Use a disposable gown every day when caring for a client

Which of the following areas in the home is considered contaminated?

a. Dishwashing area

b. Toileting area

c. Food cabinet

d. Clean equipment

When washing hands, which of the following would be incorrect?

a. Keep the fingertips pointed downwards

b. Wash 2 inches above the wrist

c. Wash hands for 10 seconds

d. Work up a good lather and use proper friction

Which of the following statements is not true about caring for a patient with an infectious disease?

a. Clients with infectious diseases can be cared for safely at home

b. The chance of transmitting the disease is great, even when following CDC guidelines

c. Standard precautions are routine activities recommended for blood and body fluids

d. If you are unsure how to best protect yourself when caring for a client with an infectious disease, contact your supervisor

Regulated medical waste such as human waste products may be handled by:

a. Disposing of the local recycling plant

b. Calling a medical waste transportation company

c. Flushing them down the toilet immediately

d. Maintaining in a coffee container until local pickup

Standard precautions require the use of gloves in all of the following contacts except:

a. Blood

b. Urine

c. Feces

d. Sweat