Medication Guidelines

Medication Guidelines

The Personal Care assistant or Home Health Aide is permitted to assist the client with medications by completing the following tasks:

*Handing a client, a medication bottle or container at their request. Can remind client of when to take medication.

*Assisting a client to open a medication bottle or container at their request.

*Pouring a glass of water and handing it to the client.

*Applying non-prescription topical ointments, creams, or lotions at the client’s request. (As long as this is on the plan of care).

Medication Guidelines Don’ts

*DO NOT touch the inside of the medication bottle or handle the medication themselves.

*DO NOT put any medication in the client’s mouth.

*DO NOT administer eye drops.

*DO NOT assist the client with a medication from an unlabeled container.

*DO NOT change the place your client stores their medication without his/her permission.

5 R’s of Medication Administration

Even though you will not be responsible to administer medications, you may help a client prevent any medication mistakes if you are aware of the 5 “Rights” of medications.

These are:

*Right client- Check the label for the client’s name.

*Right drug- Check the label for expiration date, medication name.

*Right time- Make sure the label matches the client’s usage.

*Right route

*Right dose

Procedure for assisting a client with medications

*Remind client it is time for medication

*Wash hands

*Place the medication within reach of the client. Loosen the tops of bottles or container

*Assist the client as necessary. It is acceptable to assist client by guiding their hands with drops or pouring appropriate pre-dosed meds into their hand.

*Store medication

*Wash hands

*Record in visit note that you assisted with medication

Medications Quiz

True/False Circle One

1. You can place a pill in the mouth of a patient if they are unable to do that for themselves.

2. Your patient complains of a headache and asks you to bring them “that blue bottle over there”. When you get the blue bottle, it has no label on it. It is ok to pour the patient 2 pills because they say they know it is Tylenol?

3. The client asks you to put their eye drops in while they hold open their eye and since they asked it’s ok for you to do that?

4. The patient takes his medications crushed in pudding which the family has put into cups with a spoon and asks you to spoon it into the client’s mouth at noon. Since the family prepared the meds it is ok for you to spoon feed the client their meds?

Answer Key:

All questions false