Social Media & Internet Posting

Social Media & Internet Posting

Your employer understands the benefits of social media to share information with friends and family.

However, as an employee of the company, your employer requires a signed commitment to use social media responsibly. These requirements preserve the company’s reputation and are intended to protect the interests of all employees, clients and their families.

For the purposes of this section, the following activities are classified as “social media” or “internet postings:”

• Multi-media and social networking websites including: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snap Chat, LinkedIn and any other multi-media or social media websites.

• Any internal or external blogs

• Wikis such as Wikipedia and any other site where text can be posted.


Employees are not permitted to mention or tag your employer in any social media or internet postings without prior written approval from the director. This includes disclosing information regarding your employer, its employees or its clients and their families.

Furthermore, within or after employment, employees and former employees are prohibited from using social media or the internet to potentially harm A your employer’s reputation. This includes:

• Sharing confidential or proprietary information concerning your employer and its employees, clients or their families.

• Posting derogatory, defamatory or inflammatory comments or content related to your employer its employees, clients or their families.

• Posting pictures or other information that may implicate your employer; employee was involved in illegal or inappropriate activities.

certify that I have read my employers social media and internet posting policy and understand that failure to comply with these requirements may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Furthermore, I understand that in the event my employment is voluntarily or involuntarily terminated, this policy still applies to me as a former employee of the company. In addition, your employer may seek legal action against me for violating this agreement.