• The speech pathologist is a member of the American Speech and Hearing Association, is certified by the association and is eligible for membership

• A Master’s degree in speech pathology or its equivalent

• At least one (1) year of supervised work experience with adult patients

Licensed, registered, or certified by the State in which the speech pathologist reside or practices


• Provides treatment as ordered by the attending physician.

• Evaluates patient’s speech and language abilities and detects, assesses, and evaluates the patient’s level of function

• Plans and provides rehabilitation services for speech and language disorders

• Assists in developing and updating the plan of treatment

• Observes, reports and records type of treatment and patient’s response to it; reports progress and/or regression to the physician and the company

• Submits to the physician and the company written reports of the patient’s progress at the designated intervals of every thirty (30) days and at discharge using the appropriate forms.

• Utilizes community resources and company personnel by proper referral

• Selects and administers diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and material for patient evaluation and treatment purposed

• Instructs, teaches, supervises and counsels other health team personnel and family members in methods of assisting the patient in improving, correcting, and/or accepting his or her disabilities

• Instructs, teaches, and supervises the family in the patient’s total speech therapy program

• Attends paramedical service meetings and combined paramedical and nursing service meetings

• Participates in in-service education

• Participates in staff development activities

• Evaluates the home environment and makes appropriate recommendations,

• Performs other duties as assigned

• Participate in Quality Assessment Performance Improvement activities as assigned

*I have reviewed my job description and agree to perform all duties mentioned to the best of my ability; I understand that my job duties may change as the needs of the agency change. I further agree to notify my immediate supervisor if I am unable to complete any of my job duties in a timely manner.