Accessibility Remodeling

Confident, Safe, Secure & Independent

Consider Remodeling Your Home to be Assessable for All!

Whether you are thinking of remodeling for yourself or are going to be taking care of a loved one or maybe you want to remodel your home. You should include in your plans to remodel to make your home more accessible to people with needs.

A wheelchair is only a “handicap” if your home is not designed to navigate one!

Choose to Live at Home

Most of us would choose to live in our own homes for the remainder of our lives. When upgrading or remodeling different parts of your home keep in mind you may be in a wheel chair or have difficulty walking or accessing places in your home.

What to Consider

Traditional home builders have never really considered the needs of those who are disabled or elderly, and that can make life hard to deal with at times.

The following suggestions will make life more assessable!

In General

  • All doors should be at least 36” wide
  • Installation of accordion or pocket doors for closet and bathrooms
  • Rugs should be secured to hard surfaces with anti slip mats or carpet tape

In The Kitchen

  • Make sure you have at least 36” of floor space between all cabinetry and appliances
  • Add additional storage at a lower height (on the bottom shelves of cabinetry)
  • Install microwave at the base cabinet level for ease of use
  • Redesign the sink cabinet to be hollow
  • Lower counter top height to provide assess while seated
  • Electrical switches for disposal and lighting installed at the front of cabinets
  • Hard surface durable flooring with an even surface

In The Bathroom

  • Grab bars around toilet area
  • Barrier free showers (no obstructions such a thresh hold)
  • Pedestal sinks or bathroom sinks with no cabinetry under them
  • Lower light switches
  • Taller toilets or seat risers
  • Facets with a single lever

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