Skilled Care

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Skilled Care services

With a large and experienced team of health care professionals, we can deliver in the comfort of your home many of the services you might find in hospitals, rehab facilities, and nursing homes. For qualified patients, Medicare pays 100% for Signal Health Group’s home health services, and insurance reimbursement is usual available.

our Professioals

The Signal Health Group team of home health professionals includes:


In a coordinated, team approach, these professionals can deliver in-home health care services such as:

Medical Monitoring

During times when a condition has a likelihood of worsening.

Health Regimen Teaching & Facilitation

This is helpful when your doctor recommends new medications, a change in diet, or exercises. This is also helpful to make sure discharge instructions are followed after a hospitalization or nursing home stay.

Observation & Assessment

To keep an experienced eye on patients when their condition has a likelihood of exacerbation. To provide peace of mind for patients who would otherwise need to make frequent calls to their doctors or visit the emergency room after hours.

Medical Reconciliation

Various studies show that 30% to 70% of patients returning home from the hospital or nursing home have important medication discrepancies. Whether it’s taking meds the doctors didn’t know about, failing to take meds the doctors prescribed, or misunderstanding the dosage or frequency of the meds prescribed, medication discrepancies pose a serious risk to patients. This is especially true for patients over the age of 65 who usually take longer to recover, are more vulnerable to the problems caused by medication discrepancies, and are more inclined to medication discrepancies due to the number of meds they are taking. Signal Health Group nurses can make multiple visits to the homes of patients to support patients in adhering to the doctors’ plan.

Fall Injury Prevention Program

If you or someone you care about has experienced an accidental fall in the past year, there is a higher likelihood of a fall injury in the coming year. Signal Health Group’s fall injury prevention program combines the services of therapists and nurses to improve gait, improve home safety, review meds, and more.

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

To provide new rehabilitation or complete in-patient rehabilitation after a coronary or pulmonary event such as a heart attack or flare up of COPD.

Neurological Rehabilitation

To improve function especially after a stroke or to combat Parkinson’s.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Especially after orthopedic surgery for a hip replacement, knee replacement, or shoulder repair.


To deliver medications when a patient is unable.