Works under the supervision of the Director of Skilled Services or designated registered nurse. Provides direct patient care as assigned by the registered nurse. Provides quality and delivery of home health care services. Assists in the home health care services that reflect the home health care agency philosophy and standards of home health nursing care of assigned clients.


• High school graduation required

• Home Health Aide certification required as obtained through successful completion of an approved program

• Shall have one year-full-time experience in home health care in an institutional setting, such as a hospital or nursing home, OR Shall have one year full-time experience within the last five years in direct patient care in a home health agency setting; OR

• Evidence of sympathetic attitude toward care of the sick

• Demonstrated ability to read, write, and carry out directions

• Evidence of maturity and ability to deal effectively with job demands

• Good verbal and written communications skills required

• Attends twelve (12) hours of Aide oriented in services per year

• Participates in professional meetings when directed

• Shall have a criminal history check conducted prior to being offeredpermanent employment with this agency

• Is able to work closely supervised to ensure competence in providing patient care


• Visual/hearing ability sufficient to comprehend written/verbal communication

• Ability to perform tasks involving physical activity, which may include heavy lifting and extensive bending and standing.

• Ability to deal effectively with stress.

• Able to work a minimum of 40 hours per week.

• Able to bend and stand an average of 6 hours per day.

• Able to lift up to 50-75 pounds.

• Able to write up to 3 hours per day.

• Able to work in a stressful environment.

• Able to drive 50-100 miles per day.

• Able to assess and communicate with ill patients, co-workers, and general public.

• Is neat in appearance and practice, with good personal hygiene.

May be employed by the agency if he or she has met the following conditions:

Home Health Aide is expected to pass competency examination with at least a 80% or better. The content of the competency evaluation of the agency will include is not limited to:

* communication skills

* observation, reporting, and documentation of a client’s status and the care or service furnished

* reading and recording temperatures, pulse, and respiration, and blood pressures

* basic infection control procedures and instruction on universal precautions

* basic elements of body functions and changes in body function that must be reported to the supervisor

* maintenance of a clean, healthy, and safe environment

* recognizing emergencies and knowledge of emergency procedures  the physical, emotional, and developmental needs of and ways to work with the populations served by the agency including, the need for respect for the client and his or her privacy and property

* appropriate and safe techniques in personal hygiene and grooming that include:

bed bath

sponge, tub, or shower bath

shampoo, sink, tub, or bed

nail and hair care

oral hygiene

toileting and eliminating

safe transfer techniques and ambulation

normal range of motion and position

adequate nutrition and fluid intake

patient rights

any other task that the agency may choose to have the home health aide perform


1.Ensure quality and safe delivery of home health care services.

Participates in development and implementation of client plans of care per home health care agency policy and procedure, as appropriate.

Participates in client case conferences according to home health care agency policy and procedure, as appropriate.

The provided home health aide services reflect client plans of care.

Information regarding client plans of care is submitted to the Home Health Care Registered Nurse in a timely manner.

2. Implements current Home Health Aide services.

Client plans of care are discussed with the Home Health Care Registered Nurse on regular basis.

Client clinical records are documented per Home Health Care agency policy and procedure

Client assignments and reports are received from the Home Health Care Registered Nurse.


*I have reviewed my job description and agree to perform all duties mentioned to the best of my ability; I understand that my job duties may change as the needs of the agency change. I further agree to notify my immediate supervisor if I am unable to complete any of my job duties in a timely manner.