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The Senior R.E.S.E.T. Podcast delivers the Resources, Education, Solutions, Entertainment, and Training you need in a weekly, topic-focused, event featuring live Q&A as well as answers to questions you submit to our program throughout the week. We will cover a variety of topics including medical issues, non-medical support, community resources, best practices for health, financial strategies, and how to stay ahead of scammers that are getting increasingly sophisticated. You will have your questions answered by medical professionals, industry leaders, and topic experts. The Senior R.E.S.E.T. Podcast provides the education you and your family need to ensure the best quality of life.

As we age, we realize just how important families are. Seniors want to maintain a high-quality life, and their families want to ensure their elders are staying connected, healthy, strong, and financially secure. We offer support and education for seniors, their families, and their communities. Seniors who are involved with their families are proven to live longer and have stronger immune systems, and better brain health. We want to help families create this environment.

The Senior R.E.S.E.T. Podcast will help both seniors and their families, by focusing on both non-medical and medical topics, home safety, community resources, insurance, as well as hospice-related content. You will also hear about general interest topics like estate planning, technology for seniors, and voting. We will warn seniors of common scams targeting them. You can have your personal questions answered monthly in the “ask me anything” segment as well as weekly through topic-focused questions you submit. We will shine a light on common myths and misconceptions while providing the resources you need in your golden years.

This is a diverse podcast that covers many topics and will feature specialists such as general practitioners, cardiologists, dentists, nurses, and mental health specialists joining us to answer your questions. There are tons of educational resources dedicated to us in our youth and working lives, but there is very little education is given to us for the retirement phase of life. The Senior RESET podcast is dedicated to giving you that education. 

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Joel Stewart Bio

Joel Stewart is the Director of Franchise Development for Signal Health Group and host of the Senior R.E.S.E.T. podcast.

Joel’s unlikely career path started with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology followed by several years of service in the US Navy’s Civil Engineer Corps. After separating from the military he went on to receive an MBA from UCONN and started a commercial real estate and business brokerage in his hometown. Joel soon discovered that his true passion, making money while making a difference, was more suited to franchise consulting than commercial real estate or business brokering activities. Helping others escape what he called “career prison” became his passion.

When Joel started talking with the senior leadership at Signal Health Group it became apparent that this was a franchise that aligned strongly with his values, so much so that agreed to join them as their Director of Franchise Development. One of the things that impressed Joel was the need for education for seniors, there are many ways for young adults to learn what they need to learn to become capable adults, but there is no formal training to help adults transition to their senior years. Mental health, fitness, diet, internal changes, government programs, they all change, but access to information is varied and fragmented. Seeing this need Joel partnered with Signal Health Group further by agreeing to host the Senior R.E.S.E.T. podcast, a one-stop resource to offer seniors and their families access to Resources, Education, Solutions, Entertainment, and Training for the changes they will face in their later years!

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