Signal Health Group: A Testament to Compassionate Care and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Over a decade ago, Hahn March embarked on an inspiring journey guided by a clear and uncomplicated mission. Drawing from her Vietnamese roots, she sought to bridge a gap she noticed in American society—caring for the elderly and veterans who had dedicated their lives to the service of their nation. Today, Hahn is the dynamic founder and CEO of Signal Health Group, a home care agency that has morphed from a two-person startup into an industry leader with branches all over the United States.

Born and raised in the heart of Vietnamese culture, Hahn understood the innate importance of familial care. She grew up with a deep-seated belief that it is the family’s responsibility to care for aging parents, a value that had been passed down through generations. She quickly recognized the absence of this fundamental concept in American society and decided to enact change.

Hahn founded Signal Health Group in 2012 with a dual purpose: to encapsulate the compassionate values she grew up with and to make a genuine difference in people’s lives. She and her team have tirelessly worked to offer a range of services, including in-home skilled care, personal care, and hospice services.

“I started in the basement of my home,” Hahn reminisces. It’s hard to imagine that a dream born in such modest circumstances would evolve into a national frontrunner in the home care industry within just six years.

Signal Health Group’s meteoric rise isn’t merely a tale of commercial success. It is the triumphant story of a mission statement that has remained the organization’s guiding star through thick and thin. “Our success is a result of staying true to our mission statement,” Hahn proudly declares.


As the Signal Health Group family continues to expand, so does its reach. Today, Hahn’s dream has been franchised across the United States, extending her vision of compassionate, familial care to thousands of families nationwide. From a basement start-up to a franchised medical home care agency, Signal Health Group has remained steadfast in its goal—transcending cultural boundaries to give the elderly and veterans the care they so deserve.

Hahn March, through Signal Health Group, stands as a beacon of compassion and entrepreneurial spirit, proving that with a clear vision and unwavering dedication, we can truly make a difference. Her journey is a potent reminder that the cornerstone of success isn’t merely a great idea or strategic business plan, but a heart that is steadfast in its mission to serve and help those in need.


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